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These black closed cell foams have a very fine cell structure and are available in various densities and firmness. They provide excellent shock absorption and thermal insulation with good resistance to ozone and oxidation.

PVC Foam
These closed cell foams are excellent for sealing HVAC, general construction and transportation applications. They have excellent resistance to ozone, weathering and most solvents and chemicals. Available in grey or black with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam
This is a low density, very fine celled foam offering economical solutions. It has excellent chemical, ozone and UV resistance. It is available in black and white in various densities. Often used for padding, flotation, thermal insulation, sealing tapes in construction, weather stripping.

Polyethylene Foam
This is non-cross linked PE foam has a larger cell structure and is often used for packaging, tool box inserts, pads.

Open Cell Polyurethane Foams
These are soft foams that are easily compressible and conformable. They are often used for dust seals and packaging. They are available in various densities and compressions.

Microcellular Polyurethane Foam
These foams have excellent compression set resistance to provide a long life for demanding sealing and cushioning applications. Engineered formulations offer a wide range of compressions. Used for bumpers, seals, tapes, cushioning and shock absorption.

Filter Foam (Reticulated Foam)
Polyester foam with the cells engineered to provide a uniform cell structure with holes of a certain size. Available from 10 PPI (pores per lineal inch) to 100 PPI. Used for air or liquid filters, weeping pads in windows.